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Monday, 25 August 2014

The RUNch Survival Kit

RUNch, verb.
To run during your lunch break.

I started running during lunchtimes over three months ago to help a work friend train for her first half marathon. Since then, Katie and I have run every single Wednesday together, sometimes slowly, sometimes keenly, sometimes even enticing other colleagues out with us. And just as Katie has learned more and more about running, I've learned what makes the perfect RUNch survival kit.

1. A plan

A RUNch should be short and purposeful, even if the aim is to run around aimlessly for half an hour. Planning what you want to get out of the session – jelly legs from hill sprints, a clear mind from a brisk 5k or a better idea of what to wear at the weekend after a natter – means you'll return to your desk feeling satisfied.

2. A watch

With only an hour's break to play with, time is precious. You definitely don't want to anger your bosses with an accidental long lunch or future RUNches may be cancelled. Get back to work earlier than needed and you'll be denying yourself of valuable running time. Wearing a watch will ensure you make the most of every second.

3. Desk-friendly leggings

Another time-saving trick is to choose a pair of leggings that can double as work wear – nothing too crazy but hey, there's no need to be dull (my current favourites are from ilu, which look just as good with trainers and a technical tee as they do with boots and a chunky jumper). Keeping them on after a gentle, not-so-sweaty run would mean no time lost fighting with your usual skinny jeans in the tiny work changing cubical.

My favourite desk-friendly run leggings from ilu

4. A packed lunch

RUNger is real. Especially when you've exchanged a meal for miles, so make sure you've got a stash of food for when you finish your run, a delicious healthy protein-rich selection, of course. This will stop you from a major energy crash in the afternoon and mean you don't have to cut your run short for a trip to Pret.

5. Baby wipes

When work is particularly busy but you need your noon endorphin hit, forego the post-run shower but avoid the stink by using baby wipes. Absolutely acceptable after a five-ish kilometre run, it will save valuable time and you'll still emerge from the changing rooms looking fresh.

6. Enthusiasm

Despite your best efforts, sometimes you'll return from RUNch a little late or you'll feel pressure to spend your lunch chained to your desk rather than galloping the streets. Simply showing off your post-run glow will prove to colleagues that a mid-day run is beneficial to both your mood and productivity, and they'll start to accept RUNches as a valuable part of the day. Display enough enthusiasm and you'll soon find desk lunches a thing of the past as your entire office follows you outside.

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