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Monday, 15 September 2014

A Drop More Than Water

I claimed an accidental half-marathon PB this year in almost 30-degree heat. It wasn't planned, I didn't want to push myself in the hot weather but apparently (and pleasingly) I'd just improved. Of course, though, I was still putting my body through a bit of stress so I was sensible. I ran at a comfortable pace and kept hydrated around the course. Once I'd finished, I downed two bottles of water and picked up a 2-litre bottle for the journey home. This was topped up and consumed multiple times.

The next day, I was ill. Dehydration. How could I feel so sick when I was so careful?! It turns out all that water I was guzzling was actually washing out the nutrients I needed (apparently the Mexican meal to satisfy race hunger doesn't quite cut it). My post-run body was after water, yes, but it needed to replenish all the salts I'd sweated out. If only I'd known to drop a Nuun electrolyte tablet in at least one of those bottles of water, I would probably have avoided a miserable day in bed. I should've known. This, the original electrolyte tablet, has been hydrating runners, hikers and professional athletes for ten years.

Now that Summer seems to be well and truly over – the trees will slowly start to undress before they shiver in the cold along with all of us outdoor pursuit-ers – I won't be packing up the Nuun. A chilly Autumn run may not leave you dripping like a Summer session but you still sweat, so there are still valuable nutrients that need replacing. Luckily, it's nothing like taking medicine. With flavours like lemonade, grape and (my favourite) tri-berry, you can enjoy an electrolyte drink before, during or after you sweat.

(It also does wonders for killing hangovers!)

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