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Monday, 8 September 2014

A Misspent Youth

Me attempting a ramp at House of Vans

This year I’ve tried skateboarding, hula-hooping and gymnastics in-between running through mud and flying trapeze. My boss thinks I’m trying to make up for not having done it as a kid. I guess he’s kind of right. 

But it’s not that I wasn’t allowed or had to choose between hobbies and these were ones I had to drop, I just wasn’t that interested. Yeah, I’ve always thought skateboard tricks and backflips looked cool but I didn’t ever think of trying to do them myself. I’d felt the elation and achievement of running during cross country PE lessons but I had no idea people did it in their own time for fun. I was shy and awkward and (like most young girls) was a little bit scared of my body – was it too big, too small, too lumpy or too flat? Too slow, too inflexible or too weak?

I guess confidence is something that comes with age but I can’t help thinking that if I’d learned how to use it in sport, I would have become comfortable with my body a lot earlier. Instead, I had a misspent youth, accepting what I thought I was capable of rather than exploring my potential. I didn’t know that limits are up for grabs – how far I can run, how high I can jump, how deep I can dive…

There’s no use dwelling on the past, though. Instead, living in the present, I’m simply ‘playing’ as much as possible whilst I still have the time and the willing body. I want to try every activity, every sport. I want to marvel at what my body can do and how quickly it can adapt to new things. I want to find my limits and completely ignore them to create new ones. I’m not making up for lost time, I’m getting all I can out of today.

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