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Sunday, 21 September 2014

National Fitness Day

I'm very lucky to have a willing group of friends who will run, yoga or even skateboard with me – doing any of these activities is always enjoyable but they're much more fun with company. You're also more likely to keep up training if you arrange sessions with friends – it becomes a social engagement you want to keep, not just a solo sweaty slog. So imagine doing a class with hundreds of people who will encourage you, motivate you and generally add to an already epic atmosphere! That is exactly what you'll experience at one of the National Fitness Day Live events this Friday.

All designed to make you sweat as you have fun, there are mass participation events happening at 12:30pm on 26th September in three UK cities – London's Covent Garden, Birmingham's Victoria Square, Birmingham's Victoria Square and Bristol City Centre. Grab your friends, colleagues, neighbours, even your dog and get them moving in the free Power Half Hour Live sessions.

National Fitness Day events aren't exclusive to just a few locations, though, there are opportunities all over the country to get the nation enjoying moving more in free Power Half Hour classes hosted by a long list of different gyms, organisations and clubs. Just around the corner from my work I've got the difficult choice between HIIT, Freestyle group fitness, Core Stability, climbing and running sessions, to list just a hand full!

With so many venues taking part in this celebration of all things fit, there's something for everything, no matter your age, gender, fitness or experience. Have a search for your perfect session using the event finder tool here.

If you want to support National Fitness Day further by encouraging more people to get moving, join the Thunderclap here.

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