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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Race Report: Bacchus Half Marthon

WHAT:  Fancy dress trail half marathon with wine stops
WHERE:  Denbies Wine Estate, Surrey
WHEN:  14th September 2014

I've heard so many times that a race is simply a celebration of the training you've done. Bacchus is most definitely one such occasion and they put on one hell of a party!

The dress code is fancy runner. Think trainers and face paint, race shirts and silly hats, compression socks and onsies – the more ridiculous, the better. Amongst balloon grapes, painted warriors and a herd of cows, it was clear my 'sleep runner' outfit was a fumbled together last-minute attempt at joining in. But looking at the sweat produced by fur, wig and box-wearing runners, I'm quite pleased I only had the discomfort of running in a sweaty non-technical cotton top.

As with any party, there were of course refreshments to keep you going. Whilst the water and the crisps and sweets and chocolate and fruit and Jaffa Cakes were more than enough to fuel the running, there was something else on offer certain to fuel the merrymaking. Each of the 5 or 6 or 7 (I, understandably, lost count) fuel stations for the half marathon, were shots of wine. 

The alcohol consumption amounted to more than this lightweight would normally drink on a night out, so tackling 13.1 miles of lumpy trails with a few grapey samples on board was not exactly a recipe for speed. Luckily, Bacchus has a relaxed atmosphere, with each feed station full of loitering revellers. Only a few hit the party hard, foregoing the costume and wine for speeding round the one lap half or two lap marathon. The rest of us stumbled along the beautiful course to the tune of bagpipes, supportive cheers and hiccups.

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