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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Alarming! Edge Cycle Bootcamp

I have three alarms set for the morning. Each ever so slightly louder than the previous, starting from timidly gentle to apologetically intrusive. I don't do lairy, scary wake up calls, I like to be slowly lulled from my sleep. That's not to say I'm not a morning person. I relish being up before others, it's like you've cheated the system and stolen a few more hours for your day. So waking up early for my first taste of Edge Cycle Bootcamp was a chance to put those extra hours to good use.

Slightly bleary eyed, I fumbled in the nightclub lighting with the bike in an attempt to adjust it before someone came to my aid – actually explaining where things should sit, so I could do it properly myself the next time. I was being nicely eased into this early morning class, soon I'd almost be awake enough to warm up and eventually ready to throw myself into the class.

Our instructor had a different idea. With a digital clock display either side, reminding us just how early it was, she became a full on bells-ringing, pull-the-duvet-off-your-warm-body, throw-an-icy-bucket-of-water-all-over-you alarm clock. No gentle rocking awake, we were straight in to beast mode. It was a bit of a shock to the system! Forcing myself to respond to her demands (she certainly had the 'bootcamp' shout part down – even when requesting more effort from stretches) I got my legs up to speed with the club tracks that were pounding out of the sound system.

Then, without warning, all the lights were turned off. Plunged into darkness, we were encouraged to focus on our own individual workouts. Perfect! Time to assess how I'm feeling and check all my limbs have left their slumber. But I guess I wasn't quick enough. The lights were suddenly turned back on, smacking me in the face with neon – yes, I was definitely awake now. But not wanting to tempt fate, there was one more trick up our instructor's sleeve to make sure we were absolutely wide awake.

I was quite glad to leave the bike and hit the floor for some core work. I've used weights whilst spinning before and found it quite hard to coordinate – my technique and posture definitely suffered as I worried about my balance and what my feet were doing. There was no worry about what to do on the floor – we were instructed through some tough high-intensity exercises that shook up any muscles that may not have been stirred by spinning.

It was good to get a full-body alarm call but getting on and off the bike made the session feel a bit disjointed. Just as I got into a good rhythm on the bike, we were stepping off and picking up weights. But I guess that's the point. To test your body, improve your performance, sometimes you have to shock it, whip off the duvet and clatter saucepan lids to wake everything up!

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