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Monday, 20 October 2014


In order for an outing to become an adventure, there must be an element of the unknown – a touch of fear of not reaching the end, uncertainty of what may happen next, excitement of something new – and what could present more instances of the unknown than the dark?

It's in darkness when adventures become truly epic. It may be when your mind is flooded with doubt or simply when your surroundings are plunged in inky blackness but these moments of darkness exist to challenge. Without this struggle, without battling to find your way, you'd never experience the sheer elation of emerging through the other side into the light.

Awesome adventurers Sophie and Charley Radcliffe, ultra runner James Adams and super climber Leo Houlding, have all experienced more than their fair share of these tough, dark moments – getting up before dawn to tackle yet another day of a month long Alpine coast to coast challenge, digging deep in the early hours to find the strength to carry on with many miles ahead yet to be covered, being dehydrated on a Patagonian cliff face not knowing if there'll be a return journey. But they weren't completely on their own in the dark, each had some support to guide them through, whether that was a partner to lift spirits, competitors to chase or equipment to rely on.

When it comes to darkness, when moonlight just won't do, I rely on my head torch and when you're taking on something epic, that light had better be bright. LED Lenser make the brightest of them all (trust me, I've accidentally glared into one), providing enough light to get you through any night race, any dawn climb, any expedition in the night. And now they're offering one lucky adventurer and a friend a chance to create their own epic in Austria along with kit from Berghaus and, of course, LED Lenser. Just share a picture of an adventure you've had, big or small, day or night, with #epicLED for your chance to win.

More details on how to enter the competition here.


  1. Wow cool competition. To jump back to the start of your post, I find Sophie and Charlie so totally AMAZING.

    1. Aren't they just! They're living the dream – quit job, move to the mountains, explore. If only...