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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Wetsuit Hybernation

You've dug out your wetsuit and discovered you can just about still squeeze it on. Realised that last year's fitness has evaporated and taken the whole season to get it all back. Received two kicks in the ribs, one accidental nose punch and panicked at weed wrapped round your arm. 

But the beloved open water swimming season is (unless you're nuts and don't mind the odd toe freezing and snapping off) over. It's time to tuck your wetsuit into hibernation. How? Here are some tips from Speedo on giving it a decent slumber.

1)  Clean your wetsuit with cold water and thoroughly rinse away any lake souvenirs.

2)  Make sure your suit is completely dry, any moisture left over the winter could cause damaging (and pretty smelly) mouldLay it flat, away from direct sunlight or artificial heat.

3)  Neoprene can crease easily, so to avoid a weird shaped wetsuit for next season store it laid flat or loosely hung in half over a drying rack or wide trouser hanger.

4)  Don't hang your wetsuit on a clothes hanger, it will stretch the neck and you'll be doing it up around your chin.

Sleep well.


  1. Great post. Mine is currently creased up in a plastic bag in the shed, still covered in bits of weed from the last time I wore it. I really need to rinse it and pack it away properly for the winter, or it will end up ruined. Might do that this afternoon :-)

    1. Poor wetsuit! Give it a nice bath and get it tucked up nicely for a sleep.