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Friday, 14 November 2014

Remember, Remember

Throwing himself into hill running!

On the 5th of November, rather than gunpowder and treason, I was remembering my brilliant friend and the ten short years we'd had together. Tom was unexpectedly stolen from us and it's still only just sinking in.

For those left behind, he'd built up an amazing group of friends who are supporting each other through every day of this difficult time. They've also been great in reminding me just how privileged I was in knowing a guy so willing to please, so modestly funny and so infectiously enthusiastic. It was hard not to want to join him when you saw Tom throw himself (sometimes literally) into something he loved. 

Life, it turns out, can be extremely short, so it's his enthusiasm for the things he loved – motorbiking, climbing, despising mushrooms, tennis... – that I will try to carry with me, always. If I'm only half as excited about my hobbies as he was about his, I'd say I'm spending my time right. If there's ever a day with no glimpse of a childish giggle of glee when I'm running through mud or splashing in lakes or swinging on the trapeze, then it's time to look for alternative entertainment.


  1. A lovely, moving post. I'm a new follower of your blog and I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future :)
    Jenny /

    1. Thanks, Jenny. We miss him a lot but he taught us a valuable lesson I hope I never forget!