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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Run. Rinse. Repeat.

I spend most of my spare time getting dirty – somehow covering myself in chalk from trapeze, splashing mud everywhere when I run trails, not to mention all the sweat! – but not much thought goes into getting clean. I shower, of course! I'd be thrown out of society if I didn't wash after a few workouts but at home I use my husband's shower gel, a post-RUNch wash is with toiletries stolen from hotels and who really has the time to moisturise?!

Then I got a brilliantly-timed delivery from activbod. I'd just returned from running 20k through mud and rain. I was cold, looking pretty grotty and in need of a good scrub. What better time to test out a new skin and body care range designed especially for active people?!

Workouts aren't just hard on your insides but they take their toll on the outside, too. Wind, rain, sun and sweat all have an effect but the activbod range has been developed specifically to look after your skin before and after a workout, preparing it for exercise and helping it recover quicker. From the turn up the heat roller gel stimulating muscle rub to the feel great shower concentrate, every product has been carefully considered to fit nicely into an active lifestyle with lightweight, gym bag-friendly packaging and un-loseable lids.

I came out of the shower feeling super scrubbed and relaxed. The game changer face scrub removed all trace of the salty grime from my mug and the cooling finish lotion dried so quickly there was no sticky post-moisturising struggle to pull on my clothes, perfect for a quick lunchtime run!

The activbod range is good. And they're doing good, too, 10% of their net profits will go to Women's Sport Trust, a charity that aims to raise the visibility and increase the impact of women's sport. This is a brand truly interested in helping people become and stay active. Now all I need is a hiding place, so my husband doesn't start using my shower gel!

The activbod range will be in Boots stores from January and is available to buy online now, here.


  1. Last year I treated myself to a facial towards the end of marathon training and the woman said to me "I can TELL you spend a lot of time outdoors"... Thanks love.

    So anything that helps get rid of that is great. I swear by Brodie Skincare too - pretty rich but my skin seems to devour it.

    1. Oh dear! I can't think what a professional might say about my skin – I've spent the past year outside! At least it's getting a bit of love now.

      Thanks for the recommendation, I'll have a look.

  2. Can't believe there isn't stuff like this already available, it is definitely needed - sounds like a great range!

    1. There are a few brands emerging but this is the first I've tried and the only one that supports the Women's Sport Trust. It's great!