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Monday, 24 November 2014

Wet and Wintry Cycling

Any chameleon will tell you, in the natural world, the weaker species has to hide from the bigger beasts to survive, and camouflaging is often the way to do it. But when you're a two-wheeled commuter and the beast is a hurried ton of moving machinery, survival tactics need to be a little different.

Rather than disappearing into winter darkness until you're face-to-face with a windscreen, I prefer to peacock along the road with as much neon as my eyes can handle. "Be safe, be seen" as the ads from my childhood declared. But besides dressing up for a road-side rave, how else can you protect yourself on your cycle commute?

The LV= winter cycle checklist (beard and bobble hat optional)


After decorating yourself, make sure your bike is in full christmas tree attire, too. Add fully charged front and back lights and clean your reflectors of any grime, so they work at their very best.


When the roads start to get a bit wet and icy, you want to know you can rely on your bike to grip properly. Wider tyres have more surface area to grab onto the road and having a slightly lower air pressure will maximise this.


Breaks take a little longer to work in wet weather, so give them a fighting chance and check they work before you head out. Mudguards will help keep them (and your rear end) a little cleaner and drier.

For more tips on safe winter cycling from LV=, check out their great infographic here.

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