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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Get T'werk

Most of us can probably thank Miley for bringing twerking into our lives. Booty shaking made headlines after her 2013 VMA performance and those moves spread to stages, dance floors and even my office! 

But who would've thought it could also work up a serious sweat?! Arriving at the Old Street branch of Gymbox, we were quickly told we were there t'work, not just to twerk. Our instructor, Brooklyn, asked us to give her everything we had – "I can't"s were banned from her Tone N Twerk class. Everyone can shake whatever they've been given and the key to the signature move wasn't about having a big behind, the jelly is actually your relaxed butt muscles moving.

It turns out there are many different ways to twerk – up, down, left, right, walking, one-legged, whilst planking...Tunes cranked, body warm from a pretty intense warm up, we were ready to try a downward wobble. Starting with a big old squat, hands on our thighs, backs arched and butts stuck right out, we concentrated on thrusting down then gently up in quick succession.

I'm not a natural mover (my dance moves are normally limited to twirling around like a fool) but it didn't matter if my behind wasn't shook at the right time, I had other shakes that satisfied – my legs were burning and I could feel my core working hard to keep me upright and my body moving.

Dropping to the floor, on our hands and feet, it was clear that my whole body was in for a thorough workout. Although, it was pretty hard to not get slightly hypnotised by Brooklyn's lava lamp-like booty. Her movements were so fluid. Mine? A little robotic and awkward but that's why we practice, right? So I've been wobbling my backside in front of the mirror ever since!

Are you ready for this jelly? You can book onto a Tone N Twerk class, here.


  1. Gutted I missed this with Brooklyn! I went to a class and it wasn't easy! Maybe I'll give it another go in the new year!

    1. Oh, no, it's far from easy! There was definitely a section of 'freestyle' on my part.