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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

The 'I' Word

We try avoid the dreaded 'i' word at all costs, running through twinges and niggles, convinced it will all disappear if we just keep going. If we can ignore the discomfort, is it really there? ...Until the pain finally hits. Not "I've just run my fastest ever 10k" vomit pain but the sharp type that makes you limp and weep a little as you start to calculate the time off you'll need for resting and recovery.

But what if we were brave and approached the possibility of injury before it even saw us coming? I know I certainly wouldn't be fidgeting through a month of rest if I'd paused and thought about the weaknesses that were showing as I ran further and longer.

Not being able to turn back time, I'm looking to the future. I want to run long next year, really long. That's going to require clocking up a lot of mileage. So, before I jump into some long old runs, I'd better injury-proof my body. Luckily, I've had a spot of help from Strength Ambassadors, whose new 'Run Stronger' courses help you to build strength, endurance and power all without injury.

With all the knowledge of a qualified strength coach with a crazily speedy marathon PB (2:37), the Run Stronger: How to Prevent Injuries and Get Stronger for Runners course will no doubt load you up with plenty of brilliant advice. They'll be putting ice pack manufacturers out of business! For a taster, have a look at the video above, filled with lots of advice on strengthening for my very first ultra. 

You can register your interest for the Run Stronger course here.

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