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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

N+TC Week: All for One

The first of two brilliant Nike+ Training Club weeks has drawn to a close and I'm going to really miss it. In just seven days, N+TC brought us boxing, ballet, yoga, spin, running, paddle-boarding, football, skateboarding...A wonderfully eclectic mix of activities set to inspire anyone to move. If you didn't fancy once activity, there'd be another that you'd absolutely love – so many different ways to get to the same fitter, stronger outcome. It's an attitude Eclectic Cake is built on.

New kicks, new kit, new skills.

Trying something completely new is a great way to keep up your interest in working out. When you're tired of plodding the streets, try kicking a ball – chasing goals around a pitch is bound to have as much benefit as a fast track session with the bonus of some agility work. 

In fact, despite sounding like a random bunch, all the N+TC week sessions were complimentary to each other. Ballet can help agility in boxing, yoga can help stability in standup paddle-boarding, spinning can help endurance in running...By throwing in a different activity to your training, you're working muscles you'd normally ignore or, at the very least, working them in a way they're not used to, which will help support you in your usual pursuits.

Warming up with Hot Pod Yoga

I had the pleasure of going to the yoga skate night at the achingly cool BaySixty6, a skatepark with all the pipes and ramps you could ask for (although I stayed firmly on the flat). With plenty of female pros around showing off their moves, I was keen to get out there but not before a bit of yoga to limber up.

Pleased that on a frosty Friday night our session was with Hot Pod Yoga, we entered what looked like an inflatable egg to be incubated during our class. The session focused specifically on the core – vital muscles for any skateboarder – helping to wake up any sleeping abs and lats. The pumping park music, skate deck clanks and next door tube trains made for a soundtrack surprisingly apt for yoga and after half an hour, I felt energised and ready to roll.

I've only touched a skateboard twice before, so luckily the pros were on hand to give us some tips on keeping upright. They soon had us flying round the skatepark almost fearless of face-planting the concrete. I was pretty slow but each 3 second burst of movement felt awesome. I'm hooked. Bring on the monthly first Friday girls' night sessions!

And to keep me limber and strong for more skateboarding action, I'm diving into the second N+TC week – this time a digital version that anyone can join in with wherever they are. Sign up, download the app and log your sweaty session. Find out more, here.

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