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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Party Glide

The party season is over and, much like an enduring run, the shoes we thought were comfortable have worn huge holes in our feet, invisible seams and tags irritated our flesh, whilst sweaty fabric clung and rubbed us raw. 

Body Glide, as the name suggests, allows your skin to glide rather than rub to avoid painful chafing or blisters on clothes, shoes or even yourself. It’s not greasy, so you get maximum protection but avoid that petroleum jelly tell-tell glisten. And with a range of products to look after different body parts, you should be able to comfortably keep on running or, indeed, dance from dusk til dawn.

There was no place that needed party protection more than St. Ives on New Year's Eve. As per tradition, the whole town was invaded with superheroes, fairy tale characters and childhood TV favourites as the host of a massive fancy dress street party. With ridiculously heavy headwear, spandex and high heels a-plenty, this was the perfect opportunity to put the newly designed (and kindly sent) Body Glide and Foot Glide to test.

A swift pre-party coating seemed to do the trick for this new year ninja. Cornwall isn't known for being flat, so hours on my feet walking up and down hills could've been tough on my heeled feet. Peeling off my boots at 3am would normally have revealed a cluster of blisters but there were none! The too-big-for-me cycling gloves that normally rub left no marks, despite being soaked through with spilt gin and tonic. And accidentally kicking sand into all the creases of my clothes whilst excitedly counting in the new year on the beach didn't seem quite so silly once I discovered there were no sand vs sweat sores.

Whilst there was no protection for my head the next morning, if a product can prevent unwanted party souvenirs, I'm pretty sure it could see you through some long runs.


  1. this is a hilarious way to test! Does it work well on run chafe too?

    Did BodyGlide send these or did you just pick them up somewhere?

    1. Thanks, it seemed fitting! Yes, I've used Body Glide for long runs and triathlon and successfully avoided chafing.

      Yes, they sent me these to review. Sorry, I should've made that clear.