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Monday, 19 January 2015

Class Review: Powder Power

I've never been lucky enough to go on a snowboarding holiday but, judging from last week's class, my bones are probably safer staying off the slopes...for now, anyway.

The latest class creation from Gymbox aims to get boarders, skiers and the odd tobogganer ready for snow season but with only an hour of indoor skiing under my belt, I wasn't entirely sure what that meant. It turns out, even without a mountain to tumble down or trees to smack my head on, snowboarding hurts!

The slopes are cold, obviously, so we practiced getting back the feeling in our frosted toes with a warm up. Once toasty, we were presented with a slalom of equipment set to target our agility, strength and endurance – our Powder Power.

The first of five obstacles in our circuit quickly proved me to be more like Bambi than the natural ski bunny I hoped I'd been hiding. The idea was to balance on a Bosu ball whilst rotating a sizeable swiss ball from side to side. Whilst I understood the instructions, my legs failed to follow them. My version included me dropping the weight all together, dragging the Bosu ball closer to a wall and wobbling through the 90-minutes. If this was Chamonix, I'd be rolling down a beginner route without even conquering the top!

More practise was needed. Luckily, there were plenty more drills to help...TRX-assisted squat jumps, the type of moves you probably did as a kid as you pretended to 'swoosh' down a hill, 180-degree jumps with a foam board strapped to your feet, then finally, the gyroboard. Imagine a skateboard version of a playground spring animal ride, having to stand on it, wobble around, then jumping on it. Luckily, there were straps for the nervous, unbalanced or uncoordinated (I was all of the above).

A second round of the circuit saw improvements to my balance and strength already but, as with a winter holiday, the time to go home approached too quickly and luckily for this newbie, I was leaving with all limbs intact.

You can try a Powder Power class at the Farringdon and Old Street Gymbox branches.

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