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Thursday, 1 January 2015

What Next?

We've done it! We've dipped our toes into 2015, so far, so good. And it's at this time of year we're encouraged to look forward, set goals and make predictions. What do I want to do this year? I have no idea!

Well, I guess that's not entirely true. This year I want to run further than I've run before and fly trapeze and climb and swim in lakes and work on enjoying cycling and discover new ways to move and meet new inspiring people and see amazing new places and learn valuable things...

In fact, this is pretty much a copy of last year's wish list. Not because I failed to address all the above in 2014 and am yet to tick them off but because I had such a blast doing everything in this list, I want to do it all over again! And yet I've kept my goals for the next 364 days quite vague because, as this year has proved, a lot can change in that time.

This time last year, I was getting nervous about my first half marathon. I would never have predicted that a year later, I would have run the distance at least nine times and booked my first ultra marathon! Half way through 2014, I ran my first trail race and immediately fell in love but I knew nothing of it at the beginning of the year!

So I'm perfectly happy to ride whatever waves this new year has in store. Here's to adventure!

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