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Sunday, 1 February 2015


I look forward, with both fear and excitement, to a flying trapeze class with a new instructor. They don't know what you're capable of or confident with and they're not aware of your bad habits. A new instructor can be completely objective, so they can almost immediately spot something you're not quite doing right but help to put it right just as quickly.

On this particular occasion, the feedback was pretty good. My technique is right, I have spot-on timing, all my lines are neat and my body is strong, I'm just a little...gentle.

That's ok for stroking puppies or handling eggs or comforting an upset friend but when you're trying to move yourself through the air with enough height to perform tricks, gentle will not do. Immediately after adding some force and having the confidence to put power behind each movement, every swing and trick improved enormously.

What a revelation!

It made me realise that this could be applied to almost everything I do. I have been a bit gentle lately. My laid-back approach to running may mean I don't improve as quickly as I could. Erring slightly on the side of caution when bouldering has meant I've not quite finished some trickier routes that I'm capable of conquering. I'm yet to reach a useful speed on the skateboard because I just don't give it any welly!

Even beyond training, I probably am just a bit too gentle. You see, if you tread too carefully, you won't leave a mark. If you speak too softly, no one will hear you. If you just tap on a door, it's unlikely to open.

So from now on, gently most certainly does not do it.


  1. I really like this. It's easy and comfortable to be gentle, it takes something else to push the boundaries and be a little tougher and be a little braver. Good luck, you'll be awesome! x

    1. Thanks, Bethan.Here's to getting a little more uncomfortable!