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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Running Happy

I spent the whole of December miserable, grumpy and irritable. But I had good reason, an achilles injury had put stop to my running and I was missing out – no more long, muddy social trail runs, no post-work stress relief and no more excuses to eat 'recovery' cake.

Finally, after what felt like forever, the time came to test out my achilles with a very strict 15 minute run. I was a little hesitant. Would my pesky tendons still hurt? Would I be too unfit to run for that length of time? Would I still enjoy running? Luckily, I'd given myself a good chance, as I would be riding my recovery in a pair of Brooks Glycerin 12. They were chosen (and pre-approved by my physio) to match my neutral gait with the added reassurance of what felt like a little more support than other light road shoes.

It was the suggestion that galloping in the Glycerin 12 would resemble "running in a meadow toward a loved one" that sealed the deal. That was essentially what I was about to do – take the first steps towards being able to do the thing I loved so much. And it was truly wonderful. I began my first run wincing in preparation for pain...but there was none. Instead, I had the realisation that I was finally fixed and now running on blue and green (hallelujah, women's shoes that feature no pink!) clouds.

The Glycerin 12 aren't just new shoe comfortable. It's like my freakishly wide feet are being carefully wrapped up and protected in marshmallowy goodness, a new experience when they're used to being crushed in trainer-shaped cages. Like Goldilocks, I now float along the pavement with shoes that are just right. They're light enough to dash around in but with enough spongy absorption for more enduring runs. Slowly adding extra miles in winter is sheer pleasure. And even in wet or icy conditions, my faithful steeds feel grippy and stable. Whilst others slide around, I dance.

As if post-injury run endorphins weren't ridiculous enough, after each test run of my new favourites, I'm having to sit in a quiet corner just to calm myself down. My friends are forever pulling my arms down before I get to wave like a loon at other people because "WE'RE RUNNING!".

If the meadow metaphor were true, I'm currently rolling around in the grass embracing my old love, running and my new love, the Glycerin 12.