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Friday, 6 February 2015

Show Wrestling at Gymbox

My name would be The Eclectic Muddler, recognised amongst the best for my unusual fighting style – an effective combination of high-pitched squeals, running away and flailing. Signature move? The tuck and roll bowl. I'd strut into the ring to Reel 2 Real's I Like to Move it, my green sequinned leotard dazzling approaching opponents, whilst cheers and boos fill the atmosphere in equal measure because, you know...drama!

credit: Vesna Nikolic

Character sorted, I was ready for the latest inventive class from the crazies at Gymbox, Show Wrestling. But before we even had a chance to step into the ring, a roar of six wrestlers rushed on and began battling with choke holds, back-flip slams, punches...anything but (as wikipedia informs me) the illegal testicular claw move. If these were our opponents, I should probably rethink my tactics. Despite it being a bit pantomime, these guys were fit. well, I guess you'd have to be pretty body confident to roll around the floor in your pants!

Demo over, we were invited into the ring, where things suddenly got serious. High knees, sit ups, squats. Watching the mini show by the guys from Progress Wrestling, it was clear wrestling is a full body affair, so the warm-up and conditioning definitely did its job in preparing us for whatever we'd let ourselves in for.

Growing up with no brother and only a younger sister whose greatest weapon was to scream for a parent, my play fighting experience is limited but the wrestlers-turned-pussy-cat-instructors started us off with the very basics. Beginning with a starting hold, we progressed onto headlocks and what I'm going to call the rag doll – where you stand behind your opponent, their arms unable to move, your hands poised over their neck, ready to break it if they make one false move...until they escape at the last second...

credit: Vesna Nikolic

A lot like theatrical dance, show wrestling is partly choreographed with a winner already picked out and a plot line to entertain the crowds. The aim is to create the excitement and drama of a fight, not hurt each other. My partner and I took this a little too literally and most of our combinations resembled hugging more than wrestling but add an aggressive face or two (and fewer "sorry"s) and we might have a show.

credit: Vesna Nikolic

Of course, mention a bit of competition and the game faces automatically come out. To finish, we went one-on-one, in a press-up position knockout game. Pull, push and know your opponent to the ground and you win. My dismal attempt lasted a few seconds and landed me my first wrestling injury (a scuffed elbow) I am now badass! I should've stuck to the the tuck and roll bowl!

For a taste of Show Wrestling, book with Gymbox, here.


  1. I'm not sure if this is insanely genius or just insanely...insane? I'm always amazed at what Gymbox come up with! I think it looks like you all had fun?!

    1. I think it's probably a little bit of both, Katie, but definitely a fun class!