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Friday, 13 March 2015

Class Review: Break Your Selfie

It didn't happen unless it's on Instagram.

It's a solid part of the modern day fitness class 'cool down'. Grab some water, wipe off the sweat, slide your makeup back into place, then take a selfie. How else will the social stratosphere know you've been working out?! Of course, your snaps show your best features from a flattering angle with re-preened hair. It's real, just a slightly less beetroot-red reality.

You're about to share a picture of yourself with the world, of course you want to look your best. But what if your best is before the clean up? That moment when you're covered in hard work's sweat, when your mind is still blown from what you've just achieved, when you could burst from the rush of well-earned endorphins. That is something beautiful.

It's something that Reebok are encouraging with their #BreakYourSelfie campaign. People aren't perfectly put-together, especially when they're pushing themselves to be stronger and fitter. Red-faced and sweaty, clothes soaked, tired and probably still gurning from your efforts...It doesn't make for your usual flawless selfie but it's real. More human.

To make sure your selfies are well and truly 'broken', Gymbox have devised a class that will make sure your makeup melts and your hair rebels. The Break Your Selfie class is hard. Probably the toughest class I've ever attempted!

Imagine doing two press-ups, two hand-foot touches in a press-up position, a tuck jump, two squats and two backward leg pushes. This is one rep. Do this ten times, then move onto the next ridiculous combination. There were three different exercises, each was done for 10–15 reps, three times!

That was just a third of the class.

The crazy combination of moves were designed to hit every single inch of your body (and work your memory, too). Our instructors kept us continuously moving, resting only to take progressive selfies and rehydrate after sweating out of your eyeballs! If you're a little nervous about posting such an honest selfie straight after your workout, don't worry, you'll be experiencing so much post-sweat delirium that you won't think twice about sharing.

If you fancy giving the class a go, look up your nearest Gymbox class. Browse through the beauty of the broken selfies or add your own, tagging #BreakYourSelfie. 


  1. I popped into my Crossfit box at lunchtime to get a sports massage (yes, we have a resident massage therapist there :) and I saw #breakyourselfie in big letters on the wall and some giant "selfies". Cool campaign.

    1. (Your box sounds great!) It's quite a fun campaign, definitely no perfect pictures after this type of workout!