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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Mix Up Your Run

The sprint finish. That tiny section of a race where you really push your legs and there's a noticeable change in speed. Whether it's to grab a PB or to beat the person in front, you go from snoozily plodding to a sprightly sprint in seconds, before it's all over and you can start thinking about recovery cake.

Over the last few months of running, this is probably the only time I've changed my pace, other than to take the odd mid-action selfie (after much experimentation, I've discovered this needs a slightly slower pace otherwise you end up with weird blurry features). Whilst I'm not bothered by gaining a particular time, it would be nice to know I can go a little faster than a conversational party pace.

Who knew?! You have to run fast to run faster. My thrice-a-week same-speed sessions should actually be differently paced. Anyone following a training plan will be familiar with terms like tempo or long, slow runs. This undisciplined runner has never stuck to a plan but, essentially, I should be running at least one slow, one medium and one fast run a week.

To my excitement, differently paced runs give you an absolutely valid excuse for different shoes. For a long and slow run, you'll need a little more support and cushioning for tired legs that will pound the ground over and over. If you want to go quickly, though, you'll want to lighten the load with feathery-light shoes. With my main goals this year to improve on my one mile time as well as completing my first ultra marathon, I'm going to need both. Luckily ASICS has me covered. Their vast range of shoes offer a variety of weights and cushioning options for all types of runs.

I had the pleasure of trying the Gel-Glorify, exclusive to Intersport, for going long and the Gel-DS Trainer 20 for some speedy moves. True to ASICS form, both are unapologetically lairy. Bright metallic pink and luminous yellow are certainly not shades for the shy. And it was immediately obvious which pair was for which speed. The pink Glorify were pretty hefty with layers of bouncy rubber and blister-preventing cushions. It might've been this armoury that caused me to go up a half-size from my usual fit but it was worth it for a comfy long ride. If I'm going long haul, I want the Business Class seats.

The yellow speedsters were noticeably lighter yet supportive enough for my slightly weak ankles. They also channel all your energy to the balls of your feet with an in-built stabiliser, so you get the the effect of every ounce of effort put into the ground. I managed a surprisingly speedy test mile after lining up all my excuses – coming back from injury, being full of cold, tiredness, not having run fast for a very long time, lack of chocolate – so they must be doing all the right things to knock off those valuable seconds.

To find out more about mixing up your runs with ASICS and Intersport, and to enter a competition to win a second pair of shoes, click here.


  1. Pretty shoes! And I like the analogy to flying business class ;-)

  2. Love your colour coordination :) Great post Jen, you're great with language!

    1. Thanks, Georgina! I love playing matchy-matchy with my shoes!