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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Power Dressing

Before each and every time I run or workout, I'll take the time to pick out the perfect outfit. I probably take more time deciding which clothes I want to wear for sweating in than I do for a night out. It's not just because 80% of my wardrobe is sporty lycra or that my inner designer has taken over, and I'm not trying to delay going out. I think wearing the right kit truly impacts your performance.

Top and leggings from Helly Hansen's Spring/Summer 2015 collection

Of course, the right materials, cut and support are really important. Running with bouncing boobs or chafing capris would be enough to cut any run short. But the time I spend picking out my outfits is about more than technical cloth or even fashion. And it's certainly not about anyone else. I take the time to match the colours and details of my sports bra with my top with my leggings with my socks with my shoes, for myself.

Top and leggings from Helly Hansen's Spring/Summer 2015 collection

It sounds trivial but I feel more confident when I know I'm wearing clothes that look and feel good. I'm more relaxed and less self-conscious, so all my efforts go into putting one foot in front of the other. It's like power dressing, only with compression tights instead of shoulder pads...

To celebrate fashion week at The Running Bug, they're asking you to share a picture of you in your favourite fitness kit for the chance to win £500 worth of Helly Hansen running kit. For some inspiration, view the gallery here.

To enter the competition, just tag @therunningbug and use #HHcatwalk when you post your photo or you can upload your pictures directly to the wall, here.


  1. Gorgeous kit for sure! Love the shorts with that pattern on them!

    1. I may have to get the shorts for summer!