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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Class Review: Common Ground

'A drink' is so much more than hydration. It's a premise for the meeting of minds, the offer of support and the creation of community. 

All of these are so important to anyone looking to up their fitness game or even for that first introduction. You want to join a group of people whose goals are similar to yours, who will encourage you to push yourself further than you ever would on your own and to feel like you're part of something special, so you want to keep going back. That's why new workout concept, Common Ground, by Brew is perfect for anyone in search of a more active lifestyle. 

We met our instructor, personal trainer Susie Morgan, at the all-day eatery in Putney which, even mid-morning, was bustling with mums and trendy business-ers. Leaving them to it, we dropped off our bags and followed Susie and her wagon of fitness weapons to Barnes Common, using the 5-minute walk to get to know each other and speculate what we'd let ourselves in for.

Based on bootcamp but with none of the shouting, Common Ground uses resistance and body-weight interval training to work the whole body. After a quick warm-up, we were introduced to the equipment – a medicine ball, kettle bell and battle ropes, which were thrown, swung and thrashed until our muscles turned to jelly.

Resting in between sets came in the form of out-and-back runs, squats and lunges. Whilst this took the focus away from our trembling arms, it definitely still felt like work, so we were relieved when asked to lie down on yoga mats towards the end of the class. But Susie still had some moves up her sleeve to get the last drops of energy left in the tank – a combination of sit-ups that made sure our whole core felt just as shaky as our limbs.

Workout done, we returned as a newly bonded group to Brew Putney for a much needed shower in their new facilities and that drink, a refreshing smoothie to continue our day as healthily as it started. I went for a deliciously green spirulina, Apple juice and banana creation but I could easily have gone for a glass of zesty-sounding orange, beetroot, carrot and ginger.

Common Ground classes run every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from Brew Putney at 10am. Contact @brew_cafe for more details.

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