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Friday, 1 May 2015

Class Review: Poleography

During the last couple of years of becoming more and more active, I've got to know my body quite well. I know how to feed it, when it's tired, how to push it, its strengths, weaknesses, exactly what it's capable of and I know (and pretty much like) every part. So how come, when I try to make it dance, does this relationship suddenly break down?

Dancing is completely alien to me. I suddenly forget how to move my body and every limb feels awkward. So I attempted to trick it with a class that uses apparatus in the hope that climbing on a pole will provide enough distraction from having to dance. Poleography is a new choreographed fitness invention from Gymbox, where tricks on the pole are strung together with dance to create a full routine. 

Never having even touched a pole before, we started with the basic moves – essentially jumping onto it and sliding down in different ways. Each was pretty easy to do...until we were showed how to do them with style. Until this point, I'd been throwing myself at the pole and hoping I'd just stick to the thing*. A great soundtrack helped to sooth the embarrassment and once I'd worked out my left from my right, I was throwing my hips and arse around like the studio was my own bedroom.

In total, we probably only had a minute's worth of choreography to learn, so once we had gone through all the moves, we had time to practice it a few times. I needed to (it turns out my short term memory holds very little information at a time) but by the fifth run-through I'd pretty much got the gist with only a touch of freestyling.

Luckily, our brilliant instructor was all for us adding our own style and showed us some alternative tricks, even getting slightly carried away and spending almost an extra hour playing with new shapes. Needless to say, I came away from the class with a few black and blue souvenirs from trying to master climbing up the pole.

For more details on Poleography classes, have a look at the Gymbox site here.

* Besides obvious reasons, pole dancers wear very few clothes because they use their skin to stick to the pole and hold themselves in position.

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