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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Class Review: Buti Yoga at Gymbox

It's not unusual to need some preparation for a Gymbox class – usually a serious pep talk to force you into what you know will be a really tough class. In this case, though, the preparation was a little different.

credit Vesna Nikolic

Dripping paintbrushes in hand, we got to work covering our faces, arms, legs – any inch of skin that dared to be bare – in luminous paint. I felt a little sorry for our fellow Gymboxers at the new Westfield Stratford gym, we weren't exactly tidy with our decoration but we were reassured it was easy to clean. This was a necessary step. Little did we know at the time, we were applying war paint.

credit Vesna Nikolic

Buti Yoga is a mix of power yoga, plyometrics and tribal dance (the inspiration for the body paint). I somehow managed to only hear the words 'yoga' and 'paint' – how hard can that be? What a fool! This was a Gymbox class after all, and I'm yet to leave one not soaked in sweat.

credit Vesna Nikolic

The class did start off yoga-esque, gently setting intentions on our mats. After that, though, any poses were turbo-charged. Downward dogs became jumping planks and tree poses became endurance leg stretches. It was enough to melt the paint off my face but there were plenty of amazing tracks blaring to keep us going.

credit Vesna Nikolic

Seeing as it's pronounced 'booty', it seemed appropriate that throughout the class there was a lot of arse shaking. It didn't make the class any easier – side twerking in plank is pretty tricky – but it definitely made it fun. My lack of coordination meant I rolled the wrong way and shook out of time, I couldn't help but laugh at myself.

credit Vesna Nikolic

The laughs continued after the class, I travelled all the way home with bits of face paint all over my cheeks – it took me finally looking in my bathroom mirror to work out why I was given strange looks. Coupled with the core DOMS that followed that week, this was a class that kept on giving.


  1. This looks so much fun, I hate yoga with a passion but she sheer silliness of tribal paint could tempt me to try. Is the paint a regular thing or was it just an introduction to the class?

    1. If you want a taster of yoga but have fun at the same time, this class is for you! The paint is a permanent feature of the session. Let me know hoe you get on if you go!