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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Race Report: Nike Women's 10km London

WHAT: 10km run
WHERE: Victoria Park, London
WHEN: 21st June 2015

The run up to this year's Nike Women's 10km, although under a different name and time of day, was like its predecessors. Plenty of excitement, lots of support from the virtual and live run clubs and encouragement to get as many women running as possible. It was great to see so many crews recruiting all types of women – from friends to mums, lycra addicts to brand new runners – leading up to the event but I didn't really appreciate the value of a crew until race day.

I woke up late. These things happen. But no sooner had I announced I may not make the race in time, my phone began to beep with solutions of how to quicken my journey. It's thanks to my friends that I actually made it to the start! And although I arrived slightly flustered, I wasn't too late and the flurry of familiar faces that greeted me, calmed me down so I could remember the reason I was there and start to soak up the festival feel atmosphere.

Following the sea of orange shirts into my pen, I felt like I was part of something special. Yes, we all had our own little groups but we were running this together, all 10,000 of us. The fact that there are that many female runners (and many more) in London is pretty amazing.

Over 60% of the runners were doing their first 10k race, that's a massive number of new runners (or women pushing themselves to a new distance) in one place. Fingers crossed, this is just the first of many more races and challenges to come. All along the course were friends pacing and supporting their crews. Yelps of tired legs and doubt in being able to reach the finish, were met with shouts of encouragement, "you've got this"s, that pulled each runner through.

I ran with my friend, Kirsty, who doesn't realise what a brilliant runner she is. Far stronger than me, we set off fast – PB pace for me – yet she still worried she was doing it wrong or holding me back. She wanted me to pace her but had no idea I was clinging on to her for dear life, trying not to explode in a mess on the floor. If she wasn't there, I would probably have given up and walked.

There was no walking but a new PB was not meant to be. The heat had got to me and the rushed morning meant I wasn't properly prepared but that didn't matter. My friend completely smashed her goal of sub 55-minutes and, welling up with post-race pride, declared she'd like to do more. I got to sit with my Alex Monroe necklace proudly displayed round my neck, stuffing my face with nut butter on toast from Pip & Nut, whilst listening to crazy covers by a brass band and watching other finishers dance around, fuelled by free fizz and endorphins.

I think I won.

Thank you Nike for the race place and a brilliant day.


  1. I think you won too :)

    I paced a friend around so it was a nice and easy run for me. Now I'm looking for a 10k to sign up that is soon because my legs (and my brain) got really itchy for speed! :)

    1. I love pacing friends, it's so rewarding but it's definitely good to get out and race for yourself, too. Enjoy the speed!

  2. Sounds like you had a great race! I was there too and the atmosphere of everyone being united in the orange tops is incredible.

    1. I hope you had a great race, Emma. The atmosphere was amazing, I can't wait for next year – it's bound to be even bigger and better.