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Monday, 6 July 2015

Class Review: Rebounce

It seems the trend for gym classes now is to pair two things that you wouldn't normally put together, set it to a great soundtrack and label it with a catchy name. If this is true, Rebounce – the joining of trampolining and dancing – is bang on trend.

The lights are down low but I can still make out my flailing figure in the studio mirror, bouncing on the mini trampoline to my own syncopated rhythm. I've just returned from a mid-class dash to the loo (it became clear that holding it in whilst bouncing would be an accident waiting to happen) and the class has already been taken through more choreography.

With no idea of what do to with my arms or where to land my feet, I join in the only way I know how with some freestyle moves. A sympathetic grin from our instructor tells me this is both common and encouraged, so I continue. All that matters is I'm still bouncing around enough to tire me out after the 45 minute class.

Despite the combination of two activities, Rebounce is a pretty simple concept. Bounce around, attempt to copy the moves and don't fall off! Anything else you manage is a bonus, so here are three tips on how to get the most out of the class.

1) Pee First

Don't bounce with a full bladder! If you have even a slight inkling that you may need the loo in the next hour, go. Ignore it and you'll either have to dash out and miss some of the instructions or you'll end up slipping on your own puddle.

2) Don't Look Down

Throwing your arms and legs around whilst on a trampoline, messes slightly with your landing placement. At the start of the class, I was a little worried I'd miss the bounce area and land in the springs or the hard floor, so I kept looking at my feet. This, it turns out, is where you start to travel around and really do run a risk of a painful dismount. Your body knows where your feet are, so look ahead and you'll be fine.

3) Don't Learn to Dance

The aim of the class is not to nail a dance routine. I may have done a mini fist pump when I finally got a combination right but I got more satisfaction and joy from jumping around with not a clue what to do. Not many classes give me the giggles. This, on top of the endorphin rush, made for one of the happiest classes I've been to!

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