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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Always Be Prepared

What do they say? Always be prepared. For me, that usually means carrying plenty of snacks to avoid any hangry incidents – I've been known to be a little Hulk-like when I've not been fed. But as I plan more and more adventures, it also means making sure I'm prepared for whatever the great outdoors can throw at me.

Trust me, I've learned from plenty of mistakes. In the past I've been drenched after trusting a blue sky and leaving my waterproof at home. I've had uncomfortable nights spent tossing and turning on a rocky floor, after not packing my roll mat. I've frozen up a mountain, after not thinking to bring warmer clothes for the cooler climes at altitude. I've begged, borrowed and stolen tent pegs, after failing to bring any of my own. I've sunk into shin-deep mud in brand new white trainers.

So now, I bring everything. For just a weekend break, I'll fill the car to the brim to make sure I've accounted for all weather, terrain and activities. I'll pack a wooly bobble hat alongside a bikini because you just never know! That's why I (and the suspension on my car) am pleased to at least only have to pack a couple of pairs of shoes – one for running, one for climbing and one for absolutely everything else.

My Serena walking boots from Trespass are the champion multi-tasker of the footwear world, they really are prepared for anything. If it snowed in July, my feet would stay toasty. If it flooded on a hill, I'd still have dry toes. If I found myself in a Greek plate smashing party, my soles would be protected. If it was actually warm in August, my feet would be able to breathe and keep cool. It's a good job. I seem to have a tendency to wonder off and get lost or stuck in the name of adventure.

Although I was prepared with the right footwear, I planned far enough in advance to have worn in the new boots for my first explore with them. I stocked up on blister plasters and waited for the damage after their first outing but the boots were marshmallow soft. I later smugly handed out my plasters to sore-footed friends who were less prepared.

My feet felt so protected, I didn't think twice about stepping onto piles of sharp rocks for higher viewpoints, splashing through a stream to look at fish or kicking my way through brambles to a new path. When it rained, I felt so sure-footed, I happily climbed across logs and tree trunks without thinking I might slip. And I happily collected splashes of mud and the odd tiny plant leaf because, let's face it, they look much happier dirty and that way I can remember everything we've been through together.

DISCLOSURE: With thanks to Trespass for the walking boots to help me explore more.


  1. I love a good pair of walking boots! They make exploring so much more comfortable and fun. Looking great Jen.

    1. I feel like a proper explorer in them now!