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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Flip-ping Storage

Phone, money, keys.

That's the usual pat down check before escaping home for a run. Except where does all that stuff go?! If I'm lucky, a pair of shorts will have enough pocket space for my phone, I might store an emergency fiver in my sock and a key can be safely squished in my sports bra. It's not ideal and it leaves me with little space for any extras I decide to pack like energy chews, not to mention an odd-shaped indentation on one boob!

Thankfully for all shop assistants who have ever begrudgingly accepted a soggy note in exchange for a bottle of chocolate milk, I now have a Flipbelt to stuff all my running essentials into. Unlike any running belt I've used before, this one is a continuous loop of storage. Openings are dotted along the belt, so you can access whatever you need, be that gels for quick refuelling or your iPod for an emergency track change.

The super stretchy fabric means you can stay minimalist without the contents of your Flipbelt jumping up and down every time you step but there's enough room if you feel nervous leaving the front door without enough provisions for a small army.

There's even a little loop for your keys, so there's no risk of them being fumbled out of your belt mid-run. To keep them extra safe, flip the belt (see what they did there!) round, so the openings are now on the inside so nothing can sneak out.

And this little accessory is as useful for other activities as I am willing to partake in them. I've worn it bouldering to hold my phone and locker key, it's been on a few cycles to keep money safe for emergency cake and it's even attended a gym class or two. Flip-ping (sorry) brilliant!

DISCLAIMER: My Flipbelt was gifted to test

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