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Monday, 21 September 2015

Road Pounding

During my nine weeks of head-down, proper ultra training, I ran over 400 miles. I've literally come a long way, from half-marathoner to running my first 26.2 in training, from being scared of the distance to being excited about the adventure. During the last few months I've run through parks, along pavements, in woods, beside rivers, across country boarders, up and down mountains... 

Training was a surprising amount of fun but I've certainly taken a lot of pounding. Spending hours at a time slamming my feet into the ground, no matter how soft, can certainly take its toll. I luckily managed to keep injury at bay and, besides the odd black toenail, but keeping comfortable was so important.

Whilst my heart belongs in the trails, fitting in hungry evening runs after late working days often meant opting for closer pavement routes over a longer run to where the trees live. These were my hardest runs. These felt uncomfortable. Running on the road is so much faster but it's less scenic and not as much fun. It's where you get the gangs of mouthy teenagers hollering at you because you choose to run rather than drink on a park bench; it's where noisy cars speed by; it's where the only views are other people's living rooms.

Hoping to make these runs a little more bearable, ASICS sent me their range of Intersport exclusive shoes. Each uses their Gel technology to offer a comfortable ride. The Gel-Luminous gives stability and cushioning in the heel. The Gel-Indicate aims to eliminate irritation and blisters by reducing the stitching used in the upper. The Gel-Glorify is a lighter weight option with plenty of flexibility as well as the cushioning needed for a long run.

On paper, they sounded perfect.

In reality, though, they just didn't weren't...comfortable. I tried different sizes, different ways of lacing them up, I even blamed my socks for a while. As a neutral runner, I don't tend to find issues with many shoes – the fact that my stairs are decorated with all different types (including other ASICS shoes) is testament to that – but my feet just wouldn't make friends with this range. It's a shame, I was almost looking forward to enjoying pounding the road.

DISCLAIMER: I was gifted all three pairs of shoes by ASICS and Intersport for review


  1. That's a shame you didn't get on with them, I love my Asics Gel Cumulus, they were my first pair of running trainers and I always renewed to the latest models. Do you know if the ones you tried are like the Cumulus range?

    I've also got a pair of Brooks now which I love but my Asics are my go to's always.

    1. I believe the Gel-Glorify is similar to the Cumulous. You might find they're fine for you. There are a million different types of shoes out there, they can't all suit!

      I love my Brooks Glycerin. They took me from injury to ultra ready!

  2. I only run in Gel Nimbus. I am on my 3rd pair and have a 4th under my bed ready to go. But some people's feet are better suited for other brands.

    BTW- 400 miles? That is unbelievable!

    1. That's great you've found a pair of shoes that really works for you!

      Thanks! It was across four runs a week, so it didn't ever feel too much. The sign of a good plan, I think.