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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

What kind of Olympian are you?

I truly believe there's a sport out there to suit everyone. If you don't like running, try swimming. Don't enjoy swimming? Try wrestling. Scared of wrestling? Give hockey a go... The options are endless. But stopping short of trying each and every sport, how do you work out which works for you?

To celebrate the Rio 2016 Olympic Games being only a year away, official partner Fitness First have created a tool that can identify the Olympic sports that suit you best. By identifying your strengths in areas such as power, strength and endurance, the tool matches your abilities to your perfect event.

And with 28 Olympic sports to choose from, you're bound to find something that appeals. Apparently my high endurance and weaker power is suited to playing football. The Sports Profiler tool seems to know its stuff. Having tried football earlier in the year, I know I quite enjoy it and wasn't terrible for a first-timer. But if I fancy trying something completely new, I would apparently also be suited to synchronised swimming (there were no questions on coordination or elegance) or in slalom canoeing.

With the result of your perfect sport, you can read more information about the event, top athletes in that sport and ways of getting involved. You can also grab a training plan that will help you get fit for your chosen sport and a free pass to a Fitness First gym of your choice.

Whether or not you decide to take up your suggested sport, the tool is a great way of demonstrating just how many activities there are to try and it will hopefully get more people interested in more sports ahead of Rio 2016.

You can find out what kind of Olympian you are, here.