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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Sweaty Socialising

I don’t consider my active pursuits to be exercise. It’s just how I choose to spend my time. There will be times, of course, when I’m training for something but the majority of classes and runs and races I partake in are to spend time with friends or meet new people. It’s very rare that I’ll squash my feet into a pair of heels for a night out with friends, instead I’d rather lace up a pair of trainers and socialise whilst doing something active.

It appears I’m not alone, either. Increasingly, studios are offering areas to relax in post-class and prolonging stays by making sweating more sociable. Juice bars, healthy snacks, bring a friend deals, sofas… As more and more people adopt a healthier, more active lifestyle, it seems perfectly acceptable to spend an afternoon in a studio.

One Sunday morning, when I found myself alone and fidgety, I decided to seize the opportunity to meet some like-minded people and try something new at Core Collective. The studio snubs joining fees and monthly charges in favour of drop-in classes – much more compatible with your social diary. The space also begs to be filled with chatty people, with a giant family table, comfy sofas and a deliciously tempting cafe.

As part of a special taster experience, I was given three opportunities to socialise with others who’d chosen lifting weights over lifting hangover-easing pints of water. First up was an Accelerate spin class in a studio that could easily pass for a club, with walls full of colour-changing lights and a sound system that could easily get your ears buzzing for days. 

There was no gentle introduction, we hopped onto our saddles and immediately began winding up the speed. Whilst exchanging a few exhausted looks, we peddled in different positions on the bike set to pumping music. It’s pretty much become the standard for spin classes but it most definitely works – 25 minutes later and our wobbly legs were supposedly warm and ready for the next taster session.

We were led into another studio that looked a cross between a playground and some sort of industrial works, which pretty much set the tone for the Velocity class. The first bodyweight HIIT section definitely felt like work – almost relentless burpees, squats, push-ups and tuck jumps.

The equipment circuit felt much more like play – big tyres to flip, weighted sleighs to push and pull, Bosu balls to balance on and TRX to row. Perhaps using the equipment was enough to distract my brain from the tiredness in my limbs. Maybe I was soaking up the energy from my classmates who also seemed to perk up.

It’s safe to say we earned a decent refuelling and the studio’s in-house cafe and CPress didn’t disappoint. As we exchanged the names of body parts we could already feel muscle soreness, we stuffed out faces full of avocado on rye bread, fruit-topped beetroot protein waffles and cocoa protein balls, all washed down with delicious cold pressed juices.

DISCLAIMER: I was invited to try Core Collective and the CPress cafe for free

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