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Monday, 30 November 2015

Fire Up Your Run

I almost ran over a hedgehog. It was dark and those prickly guys aren't exactly known for their fluorescence. Luckily for him (and my toes), I avoided crushing it but this mini non-incident made me look at my own night-running attire – almost all black. Great for camouflaging into the darkness, like Mr. Tiggywinkle, but not so great if I also wanted to avoid being squashed whilst running across roads and along shared pavements and bike paths.

And then a giant matchbox, full of luminous treats from Nathan landed on my doorstep. Within seconds, I'd blinded myself playing with mini lights, torches, a reflective bottle and a t-shirt bright enough it could direct planes to land. 

Of course, when I was at school, the words "be safe, be seen" were all over the notice boards and my mum would make me wear a reflective snap band on my arm in winter – highly embarrassing when you're the only 6-year-old wearing one. She had a point, though. You might see that bike hurtling towards you on the shared pavement but, unless you've donned the high-vis (you know, lit up like a Christmas tree), then they most likely won't see you until they have to pull you out of their spokes.

Wearing all the Nathan lights would possibly be considered a dangerous distraction on the road, rather than a safety measure – there are a lot to choose from. Although, you could possibly start your own rave. It's good to know there's an option for everyone.

I'm not sure I could ever wear the reflective vest without feeling like Jodie Marsh's sportier sister. And carrying a torch or bottle, no matter how cool (in both senses of the word – the insulated layer keep your drink cold), feels a little awkward. But when I run with the LightSpur though, I feel like I'm racing in Tron. The mini lights are so easy to slip into a pocket, in case you find yourself suddenly plunged into darkness and they don't weight you down like a head-torch could.

After what felt like a lifetime of running in Summer sun, suddenly being plunged into the cold and darkness of autumn has played havoc with my training. It's a little less appealing to step outside when it's pitch black and every muscle in your body tells you it should be asleep, so it tends to happen less often. It's good to have something to brighten up each dark run.

Browse the full Nathan visibility range here.

DISCLAIMER: Nathan kindly sent me a selection of their visibility range to trial.

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