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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Never Stop London

It's hard living in the city when your heart is in the mountains. Yes, there are ways of getting high up in London but scaling an oversized glass tower doesn't even compare to climbing a beautifully brutal natural giant. Until I win the lottery and can afford a little hut in the trails, like most of us, I'm stuck living where the money is and weekend visits.

That’s why, together with The North Face, I'm creating a hub for like-minded London explorers, that will host community activities to help you escape the concrete jungle and explore the great outdoors. Each event will be based from the new Regent Street flagship store and will be completely free.


Prepare you for the mountains with weekly outdoor strength and stamina conditioning. Whether you’re a trail runner, climber or snowboarder, these sessions will help to improve your fitness so you can enjoy every minute you get in the mountains. 

Gather in store for an outdoor workout, starting with a short jog to a local park to warm up. There our expert trainers will lead us through exercises, which target the areas of the body required to be strong for all explorers.

Every Tuesday, 6:15pm–7:30pm
The North Face, 290 Regent Street, London


Feel inspired and ready to explore with monthly evenings set to fill your mind and soul. The sessions will be different every month. Watch a dramatic adventure film that will get you planning your next adventure. Listen to one of our incredible athletes speak of their greatest challenges. Or learn new outdoor skills in our workshops, from foraging for food to navigation


We know our weekly workouts and inspiration evenings will leave you itching for adventure, so once a month we'll take the community out of the city for a weekend exploration. From trail running to hiking, climbing to skiing, there’ll be something for all mountain lovers at any level. 

Together with our partners, we’ll show you great new places and ways to explore outside of London, where you can put your new found fitness and skills to the test under the guidance of our experts. 

For more information on the events and the community, head to the #NEVERSTOPLONDON Facebook page.


  1. This sounds awesome, lemme know if it comes to Brighton!

    1. I will...let us know if you're in London :)

  2. Second what Tess says, tell them to expand to Glasgow North Face :)

  3. This sounds amazing! Would love to see something like that in the East Midlands too.

    1. The goal is world domination, so one day we'll venture 'up North'.