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Saturday, 14 November 2015

Run Wild with Brooks

Running the concrete jungle can feel a little dull sometimes. The roads, the buildings, even the skies can lack that certain something the true wilderness offers, so Brooks has injected some wild into our runs with their new limited edition Urban Jungle collection.

There are three shoes available, each with its own jungle print that will bring out your animal instincts. Cushiony, structured Ghost 8s – with zoomy zebra print for men and speedy leopard print for women – and energising women's Ravenna 6s in a vibrant green print. The same brilliant Brooks shoes, just a little wilder.

I tested them out in what can only be described as an urban rain forest, a very soggy ZSL London Zoo during a scavenger hunt to find the wildest animals. It turns out that even the scariest of animals don't like the rain though, so it was down to us to bring the spirit of the jungle to the city.

Win Wild!

For your chance to win a pair of limited edition Brooks Jungle Collection shoes, follow these steps...

1. Take a picture of your wildest run.

2. Post it on Instagram before midnight on Tuesday 17th November, making sure you tag @eclecticcake and @brooksrunninguk using #winwild.

3. Keep your fingers crossed until the winner is announced on Wednesday 18th November.

(UK residents only)

DISCLAIMER: I was generously gifted a pair of the Women's Ghost 8s by Brooks


  1. Great competition! The weather here is wild as anything so I'm sure I will have a wild run image in no time! x