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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

New Feets of Recovery

I admit I'm not particularly tall but my feet are still far away enough to forget about. I look at them now and again, mostly when something is falling off or needs popping. They are the most disgusting part of my body but probably the part I ask the most of. 

When I climb, they get squished into tight, curvy shoes and forced to teeter on tiny lumps on a wall. Then they're made to pound the ground for hours, whilst soaking up puddle water and being coated with mud as I run. And yet they rarely get any love... maybe a going over with the foot file and the occasional toenail trim (when there are nails left to tend).

After miles (both horizontal and vertical) of abuse, it's time to care for my feet. Thankfully, it turns out I don't have to get very close (my nose wouldn't allow it after first removing my climbing shoes anyway), thanks to my new OOFOS. A recovery shoe that cradles your arches and absorbs shock, to allow your feet to prepare for whatever you force them to do next.

They passed the first test with flying colours (well, my favourite shade of green, anyway). After returning from my latest trail marathon, there were four things I went to for recovery.

1) A cold beer in a nice warm shower – yes, shower beer is the way forward.

2) My old faithful compression tights.

3) Any food I could get my face into.

And then there were the OOFOS. After digging out my only pair of toe socks (it's a little cold to walk around the house in sandals), I slid on my shoes and geared myself to walk al the way down two flights of stairs to where all the food was hiding. I'd expected it to hurt but the cushioning made the walk more manageable. Obviously my legs were still aching but the sandals seemed to help rock me into movement. 

Just as the beer soothed my soul and the tights hugged my legs, the OOFOS massaged my feet with every step I took. I actually found myself walking more whilst recovering, which I think stopped me from suffering much from stiffness.

I think my recovery essentials list just become a little longer and my feet a little happier.

DISCLAIMER: I was kindly sent a pair of OOFOS shoes for free

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